Back At It

It’s been a few months…(life happens). Let’s recap what happened since Age Group Nationals:

After Nationals, I took a week off of training.  I think I worked out twice, maybe three times just out of shear boredom.  In the back of my mind all season, I’ve been thinking about attempting another 70.3.  The first go-around (2012 Eagleman 70.3) didn’t end too well and I have been itching for redemption ever since.  So after Nationals I decided to take a shot at Miami 70.3.  I put in a GREAT 5-6 weeks of training.  I was hitting some big power numbers, and I was running effortlessly at paces I used to struggle with.  Then one day during a 12 mile run, my achilles flared up.  I hoped it would only put me out of running for a few weeks but I wasn’t that fortunate.  Not wanting to risk further injury (worst case: a rupture), I pulled the plug on Miami 70.3 for the second year in the row due to injury (something tells me I’m not meant to do this race).

I dropped all training for 4 weeks and gained a few pounds in the process (my metabolism isn’t what it used to be).  Once I recharged the batteries and got my body healthy again,  I picked up training little by little.  As far as races for 2014, I will kick off the season with the HITS Naples half-iron distance in January.  Part of me needs to prove to myself that I CAN race this distance.  Fast forward to today and a two weeks until race day, I’m happy to report that I am healthy and ready to go.

In other news, I am very excited to be working with First Endurance this year as one of my sponsors!  I’ve been using their products for about a year now and I can’t imagine training without them.  They not only provide all my nutritional needs, they also taste great! (I highly recommend Ultragen cappuccino flavor)  If you are running low on your current nutrition or just want to try something else, be sure to check out FE.

Thanks for reading!